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Toyota Spain leads seminar to promote hydrogen use in transportation

Toyota Spain participated in the "The use of hydrogen in road transport" seminar, organized by Gasnam. The objective of this free online webinar, held in three sessions on May 11, 12 and 13, was for attendees to learn about the fundamental concepts of hydrogen as energy for road transport. The presentations were made by different managers of the companies and entities associated with Gasnam, a category to which Toyota Spain belongs since the end of 2019.

The first session of the webinar, ‘Hydrogen Production Methods for use in transportation,’ addressed the hydrogen value chain and production technologies as well as hydrogen use projects and experiences. The second session, ‘Hydrogen supply network and filling stations,’ focused on the transportation and distribution of hydrogen, from origin to the station, with a detailed explanation of how these refueling facilities are and how they work.

The last session of the seminar, ‘Use of hydrogen in vehicles,’ featured Rebeca Guillén, General Manager of Corporate Affairs & PR Communications of Toyota Spain. She explained what hydrogen is for Toyota: a clean energy that will support the society of the future, including on all projects related to it, from the future 100% sustainable Woven City that will rise at the foot of Mount Fuji, to buses, trucks and boats, with a special focus on Toyota Mirai.

Toyota accumulates more than two decades of commitment to hydrogen as an energy source due to its sustainability and environmental respect.

Source: Toyota Spain

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