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Spanish province of Biscay will use natural gas trucks for recyclable waste collection

The Provincial Council of Biscay will replace the yellow containers with a 100% recyclable model and has renewed and adapted the fleet of light-container collection trucks, acquiring natural gas vehicles and retrofitting part of the existing fleet to a dual fuel diesel-CNG system. These changes will allow the service to gain efficiency and sustainability and will involve a total investment of 7.8 million euros, which will be made through the public company Garbiker, in charge of waste management in the territory.

Garbiker will progressively distribute the 4,290 new containers on the different collection routes established throughout the territory from December and throughout 2020. As for the trucks assigned to this service, its renovation has been largely conditioned by the willingness to have a more environmentally friendly behavior and, at the same time, by the implementation of improvements in the service.

In that sense, and with the objective of reducing the use of traditional fuels and the emissions of harmful gases to the environment, it has been decided to purchase seven CNG vehicles and six dual fuel diesel-CNG trucks, and to convert three other trucks that were already serving so that they can run on both diesel and natural gas.

The environmental benefits of this renewal, which involved an investment of 3.5 million euros, are evident: natural gas vehicles reduce NOx by 77%, metal particles by 70% and CO2 emissions by 10%, while dual fuel vehicles emit 26% less NOx, 24% less metal particles and 5% less CO2.

Moreover, the new fleet is equipped with a mono-operator automated collection system that allows reducing loading and unloading times and improving the working conditions of drivers, largely preventing them from getting in and out of the vehicle. In addition, trucks have an automatic data collection and weighing system that will make it possible to have a greater quantity and quality of data, which, in turn, will allow a more thorough analysis of the service.

Source: Chartered Council of Biscay

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