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Spain’s first natural gas vehicle for people with reduced mobility launched

Rehatrans, a Spanish company dedicated to the transformation of vehicles for people with reduced mobility (PRM), announced that the new Caddy Maxi PRM CNG is now available for sale both to individuals, social entities and service companies that work in the PRM sector, such as nursing homes, airports or hospitals, as well as to the taxi sector, after its recent presentation at the Taxi Fair in Barcelona.

This environmentally-friendly and adapted vehicle represents a further step in the objective of “guaranteeing inclusive and sustainable mobility for all”, said Rehatrans. According to the latest INE (Spanish Statistical Office) study, in Spain there are about 4 million people who have some type of disability, so “it is essential to continue working in this line to offer solutions in order to facilitate people's lives while being respectful of the planet,” they added.

The new Caddy Maxi PRM CNG is a novelty in the growing demand of users for having cleaner vehicles, with less emissions and greater range. This model has the ECO label and consists of four CNG tanks that combine bi-fuel natural gas technology and a gasoline tank, which saves 50% on fuel costs. In addition, it offers an autonomy of 560 kilometers only with the CNG tanks and 180 kilometers with the gasoline tank. It also reduces NOx emissions by 80% and CO2 emissions by 15%.

The Volkswagen Caddy Maxi PRM CNG is the first environmentally-friendly vehicle adapted for the transport of people with reduced mobility that is commercialized in Spain, and provides great improvements, such as its five available seats, independent of the space occupied by the wheelchair. Its roof is higher (1.45 meters high) and the interior of the cabin is wider, which translates into greater comfort compared to other vehicles in its category.

Source: Rehatrans

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