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Spain: new CNG buses join public transport in Mallorca

The president of the Government of the Balearic Islands Francina Armengol and the mayor of Palma José Hila presented the new bus fleet of the Municipal Transport Company (EMT), which will be put into operation before the end of the year. The EMT has acquired 100 new natural gas buses worth 32 million euros. The Government, through the capital fund and the European Regional Development Fund (Federo), has contributed 7.1 million euros to the investment. Of these new vehicles, 20 will start operating before the end of the year, while the rest will do so before spring 2020.

The president claimed public transport as "the most comfortable, environmentally friendly and cheapest solution." In this regard, she recalled that promoting public transport is essential to initiate an efficient transition towards pollution reduction and renewable energy, as established by the Climate Change Law.

The EMT has 175 buses with a median age of 15 years. Now the fleet will be renewed with these 100 new vehicles, replacing diesel with natural gas and reducing emissions by one third, and noise pollution by half. There will be 60 buses of 12 meters; 12 of 15 meters, and 28 of 18 meters. All will have a photovoltaic blanket on the roof to power the interior of the equipment with solar energy.

Moreover, Armengol presented the new interurban public transport service (TIB) that will be offered in the Ponent Zone of Mallorca. All the service will be done with 50 new CNG buses and five hybrid-electric buses. Some of the improvements include the reduction of travel time with direct connections in Palma. In addition to these 55 new alternative energy buses, the initiative includes the installation of a natural gas station in the municipality of Calvià and two electric chargers.

The Minister of Mobility and Housing Marc Pons said that the new service involves a change in the road mobility model in Mallorca, since it allows the Administration to directly design the service offer and improve its monitoring.

Source: Government of the Balearic Islands

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