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Spain, an example in LNG bunkering

Spain has positioned itself in 2019 as a benchmark in Europe in LNG bunkering. 195 operations have been carried out in which a total of 81,704 m3 of LNG have been supplied to ships. This represents a very significant increase with respect to the 60 operations performed in 2018 in which 4,504 m3 were bunkered.

Of these operations, 165 have been completed through the truck-to-ship method and 30 via ship-to-ship. The latter have been carried out by four LNG bunker vessels: the Methane Coral of 7,551 m3, the Fraseri Coral of 10,000 m3, the Cardissa of 6,000 m3 and the Engie Zeebruge of 5,000 m3.

Moreover, LNG bunkering is gaining flexibility and efficiency in the country through multi-truck-to-ship operations, which are already being carried out in the Ports of Huelva and Valencia. These operations are made with several tanker trucks at the same time, increasing the transfer rate and thus reducing the refueling time.

As for the number of ships powered by LNG, there are six in Spain, four ferries and two cruise ships, while in the next two years there will be at least 11 vessels of these characteristics in the country. On the other hand, 175 LNG-fueled ships are already operating in the world while 139 are LNG-ready, which represents an increase of 22% compared to 2018.

According to a recent study commissioned by Gasnam and prepared by DNV that analyzes nine types of vessels, LNG is the most economical option for ships with a high fuel consumption, such as RoPax, containerships and cruise ships.

Source: Gasnam

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