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Seville transport company expands CNG bus fleet

With an investment of 4.5 million euros, TUSSAM has recently acquired a total of 14 new vehicles: nine 12-meter SCANIA buses and five 18.75-meters MAN buses, all powered by CNG. These new buses, together with the 10 that were received in July 2019, make a total of 15 new articulated vehicles and nine standard vehicles with a total investment of 8 million euros.

All vehicles are low-floor and equipped with the latest advances in accessibility, comfort, ergonomics and safety, including an automated firefighting system. In addition, it should be noted as a novelty that the conventional rear-view mirrors were replaced by digital rear-view mirrors that will allow the improvement of driver's vision and safety by reducing blind spots and providing a wider field of vision through cameras and monitors.

All buses have a natural gas engine, in line with both the company's commitment to reduce polluting emissions and the strategy defined in the Sustainable Urban Development Goals, the Seville 2030 Strategic Plan and the Action Plan for Climate and Sustainable Energy. It should be remembered that more than 68% of the TUSSAM fleet already uses this fuel, being one of the companies with the highest percentage of NGVs nationwide.

The acquisition of these natural gas vehicles brings considerable environmental benefits compared to the use of traditional fuels. In addition to this contribution in the fight against climate change, it offers an improvement in the services provided to the population, since the new buses represent an advance in reducing the average age of the fleet and, at the same time, a reinforcement of certain lines through the incorporation of articulated vehicles that have a greater number of places.

Source: TUSSAM

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