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Seville launches NGV campaign to promote sustainable mobility

Seville will be the starting point and the national benchmark for the debate about the use of natural gas and biomethane, as it is the first headquarters of the #miciudadatodogas (my city running all on natural gas) initiative that will travel Spanish cities committed to sustainability with natural gas and biomethane vehicles. During this route, which begins on December 3, events will be organized around the best practices of sustainable mobility, being a meeting place for political actors, specialized companies and other relevant agents in the sector.

The campaign and the program of activities are organized by companies in the sector in collaboration with the municipality. For example, the first day will host different roundtable discussions on eco-friendly mobility, refueling infrastructure, biogas production from waste and its contribution to the circular economy. The city will also present the strategy that they are promoting in the field of sustainable transport, and attendees will be able to visit the exhibition of vehicles that accompany this initiative.

The Delegate of Ecological Transition of the City Council, David Guevara; the General Director of Infrastructure of Enagás, Claudio Rodríguez; the General Secretary of Gasnam, Eugenia Sillero; and the CEO of Enerlis Technology, Ibon Basterrechea, presented the program of activities, whose main challenge is to promote the use of natural gas and biomethane as fuel for all types of mobility, from light vehicles, vans, buses, trucks, to trains and ships.

“The city of Seville has a firm commitment to sustainable mobility and the reduction of emissions reflected in the Seville 2030 Strategic Plan. Within this fundamental line of work for the city council, fundamental steps have been taken in the use of natural gas: our public transport company Tussam is a benchmark with 50% of its fleet already running on natural gas and with the objective of reaching 75% in the coming years,” explained Guevara.

Rodriguez also stressed "the need to take advantage of the opportunities offered today by natural gas to decarbonize heavy road transport, the non-electrifiable rail and maritime, also improving the quality of air in cities." In particular, he highlighted the leadership role at European level that Spain is developing based on its gas infrastructure, experience, capacity and logistical flexibility to promote innovative solutions.

Source: City of Seville

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