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Port of Barcelona achieves 60% of Spain’s ship-to-ship LNG bunkering operations

During 2019, the Port of Barcelona was the scene of a total of 18 ship-to-ship LNG bunkering operations. This figure represents 60% of the total operations of this type that were carried out in all the ports of general interest of the Spanish State, which totaled 30. This LNG bunkering method, in which a ship directly bunkers the fuel to another, was performed by the Coral Methane vessel that has 7,551 m3 capacity.

The total supply of LNG in ships made in the Port of Barcelona throughout 2019 has been about 37,600 m3, of a total of 81,704 m3 of LNG bunkered in all ports of the State, according to data provided by Gasnam. The Port of Barcelona has therefore been responsible for 46% of the LNG supplied to ships in all ports during 2019. In addition to the 18 ship-to-ship operations, five truck-to-ship operations were completed.

Currently, the two first cruise ships in the world powered by LNG, the AIDAnova and the Costa Smeralda, operate in the Port of Barcelona on a regular basis, and also carry out bunkering operations at the port. This year's forecast is that 10% of cruise ship stops in the Port will be on LNG-powered ships.

The Port of Barcelona is committed to the sustainability of the port activity and the use of cleaner fuels, such as LNG, which reduces NOx emissions by 85%, leads to a substantial reduction in CO2 emissions and eliminates suspended particles and SOx.

Therefore, the Port already has all the necessary infrastructure and equipment to supply LNG to ships and has become the main supply hub of the Mediterranean. In addition, it is developing projects to promote LNG as a transport fuel, both for ships and for trucks and terminal equipment.

Source: Port of Barcelona

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