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New natural gas refueling station becomes operational in Valencia

Enagás’s start-up, Scale Gas, and Grupo ALZ inaugurated a new supply point for LNG and CNG at the El Oliveral filling station (Riba-roja de Túria, Valencia), near where the A7 and A3 motorways merge. Marcelino Oreja, CEO of Enagás, together with Salvador Juan and Alejandro Juan, owners of Grupo ALZ were present at the opening ceremony.

This new natural gas supply point for vehicles makes this filling station one of the first in Spain to integrate LNG and CNG as alternative fuels within the services it offers. Scale Gas has invested in the natural gas supply facility and will be responsible for its maintenance, while Grupo ALZ will be responsible for the supply of natural gas to users.

The use of LNG and CNG in transport is key to improving air quality and moving towards more sustainable mobility. Using natural gas almost completely eliminates contaminating NOx and SOx particles. Specifically, it cuts NOx emissions by 80-90% and SOx emissions by nearly 100%. In addition, it manages to reduce CO2 emissions by 20-30% compared to traditional fuels.

Scale Gas was founded in 2017 to set up, operate and maintain small-scale LNG supply infrastructures such as terminals, bunkering facilities, and natural gas supply points for vehicles. The company has its roots in Enagás Emprende, Enagás corporate venturing and open innovation programme that aims to invest in and accelerate disruptive businesses and technologies in the energy transition and decarbonisation fields.

Going back over 70 years, Grupo ALZ is a family-run company committed to the transport sector. It currently has several filling stations and a gas center in the province of Valencia. With the inauguration of this LNG and CNG supply point at its El Oliveral station, the company reiterates its commitment to energy transformation and the use of new energy sources in the transport sector.

Source: Enagás

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