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NEDGIA promotes certificates of origin for renewable gas in Spain

NEDGIA, the gas distributor of the Naturgy group, participates as a partner, representing Spain, in the REGATRACE (Renewable Gas Trade Center in Europe) European Consortium. This initiative, in which 15 organizations from ten European countries participate and which is co-financed by the European Commission within the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Program, aims to develop the European renewable gas market and create an efficient trading system based on the issuance and commercialization of Guarantees of Origin (GdO) of biomethane and other renewable gases.

As an integral part of REGATRACE, NEDGIA advances in its firm commitment to renewable gas as a solution to contribute to the decarbonization of the economy. The company collaborates in the development of demonstration and innovation projects in the production and cost reduction processes, and participates in the main working groups of interest to share experiences and align the views that the different agents have of the development of renewable gas.

Moreover, the European Commission presented in December the "European Green Deal", a plan that includes 50 concrete actions to fight against climate change and make Europe the first climate-neutral continent in 2050. Renewable gas is present in this green pact, in which the Commission emphasizes the importance of developing and encouraging the creation of a competitive market for decarbonized gas and working on innovative technologies that serve to decarbonize key industrial sectors in 2030, between those that include renewable gases.

In addition, the development of renewable gas will contribute to the fulfillment of the energy and climate objectives of the European Union, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing the use of renewable energy.

Renewable gas is a green energy of which biomethane is currently its greatest exponent. This biomethane can be distributed through the more than 87,000 kilometers of the existing gas infrastructure without the need to make transformation investments or networks or consumer equipment for users, and can be used with the same energy applications in homes, industries, shops and also in transport. In addition, biomethane is the largest energy driver in the circular economy.

Source: Nedgia

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