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Natural gas vehicle registrations increase 124% in February

February closed with 758 new registrations of CNG and LNG vehicles in Spain, which represents an increase of 124% compared to the same period in 2019.

Evolution of registrations of natural gas vehicles in Spain per year

Registrations have increased in all segments, both in light (such as passenger cars and vans) and heavy vehicles (such as trucks and buses). 528 new CNG cars have been registered, 142% more than in February 2019, 146 CNG vans (+121%), 60 CNG and LNG trucks (+40%) and 24 CNG buses (+118%).

CNG/LNG vehicle registrations in February 2020 in Spain by segment

Registrations in Spain increase along the same lines as in all Europe, where there were more than 87,000 new natural gas vehicles registered in 2019, according to data from NGVA Europe.

The increase in registrations is accompanied by the growth of the refueling infrastructure. So far this year, four new filling station have been opened in Spain, for a total of 80 CNG and 50 LNG facilities.

Source: Gasnam

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