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Natural gas, a viable solution for current and future industrial vehicles

A pioneer in the development of natural gas for more than 20 years, IVECO was one of the protagonists of the "Future and viability of vehicles powered by Natural Gas" forum, organized by Prensa Ibérica in Madrid, to promote knowledge about natural gas and its various applications. The more than 100 people attending the conferences had the opportunity to analyze the advantages and benefits that this alternative fuel offers.

Jose María Chamizo, Director of Alternative Energies at IVECO Spain, was one of the main speakers of the "Vision of the Industry" roundtable, who participated with Eugenia Sillero, General Secretary of Gasnam; Antonio Calvo, Head of Sustainable Mobility of SEAT; and Miguel Mayrata, Director of Redexis Business Diversification. Chamizo highlighted the four key questions a customer asks when considering the acquisition of a vehicle powered by alternative fuels.

"The first question that arises is the existence of a sufficient refueling network, followed by the fact that the vehicle allows me to do my job just like a diesel one, that the fuel can be also competitive and provides economically advantageous profitability, and in the last place, where the regulations are going, clearly influenced by sustainability. And the only alternative fuel that meets it, for the transport of goods, is natural gas. IVECO has worked for years to have a product that does meet all the needs. Now our customers can do the Basque Country-Germany route without any problem," Chamizo explained.

"It is an alternative today, a mature technology and, proof of this, is that there are already more than 35,000 IVECO natural gas vehicles on the road," said the businessman. As for LNG, he stressed the need for more regulations "because it is the same safe and accessible gas that the one used at homes and, in addition, you can store it the time you want, you do not have to consume it at the moment."

The day, aimed at analyzing the future and the viability of vehicles driven by this sustainable fuel, also had representatives from the different autonomous communities such as the General Director of Industry, Energy and Mining of the Community of Madrid, David Valle Rodríguez; its counterpart in the Valencian Community, Empar Martínez; and the General Director of Mining and Energy of the Government of Asturias, Belarmina Díaz Aguado. All concluded that natural gas vehicles are environmentally much more sustainable than diesel ones, and that natural gas is the key to the future but above all to the present, highlighting this characteristic as the main difference with other energies, such as electrification, which are not sufficiently developed at present.

IVECO, pioneer in the use and development of natural gas in road transport, is committed to this type of sustainable fuel as the only real and available alternative for long-distance and passenger transport, thanks to its energy balance, performance and reduction of emissions. The availability, safety and savings of natural gas make the fuel a key solution to meet the needs of carriers, whatever the type of mission and application.

Likewise, IVECO has an 81.3% Spanish market share in the market for industrial vehicles powered by natural gas, increasing sales of the range of natural gas vehicles by 21.8% over the previous year.

Source: Iveco

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