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Municipal fleet in Gijón can refuel CNG for free during Covid-19 crisis

EMULSA’s (Gijón municipal company of urban environment services) vehicles powered by natural gas are refueling for free at EDP’s eco station located in Roces, autonomous community of Asturias. This is one of the measures that the energy company has adopted to recognize and contribute to the important work that the municipal company is carrying out these days.

This initiative, which began on March 9 and that will last as long as the state of alarm is established, reinforces the agreement that both entities have maintained since 2017 regarding the promotion of sustainable mobility in Gijón.

Currently, EMULSA has 15 vehicles powered by natural gas, of which four are heavy duty (waste collection and furniture trucks) and 11 are light vehicles and vans.

EMULSA’s commitment to use this fleet is part of the actions that the company has been developing for years to reduce its polluting emissions and contribute to improving air quality in the city. For EDP, this initiative joins the various actions it is developing to help reduce the impact of the current situation caused by Covid-19.

Source: EDP

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