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Mugardos LNG terminal, the third most used in the Spanish system

The Mugardos LNG terminal, in the port of Ferrol, rises a position within the ranking of the use of the Spanish system and, displacing the one in Barcelona, is placed as the third most used in relative terms. Owned by Reganosa and also operated by this Galician international energy company, the plant thus consolidates its role as a basic asset for security of supply in the Iberian Peninsula.

The plant received in 2019 54% more LNG carriers than in 2018 and issued to the national network the equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of 3,8 million homes Throughout 2019, it received 20 ship discharges, compared to 13 counted in 2018 and 12 in 2017. 2,224,676 cubic meters of LNG (14,874 GWh) reached its tanks. In addition, four cooling down, gassing up and load operations were carried out.

This increase in maritime traffic was reflected in the increase in regasification work. From January to December, the complex issued 20.7% more energy to the network than in the previous 12 months: 13,254 Gwh, the equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of 3,8 million homes. This means that during the past year it worked at an average of 32% of its maximum capacity (with specific peaks of 100% of its maximum capacity). This average is in the national average, below those registered in Bilbao (76%) and Huelva (38%), and above those measured in Barcelona (30%), Sagunto (22%) and Cartagena (13%).

The market for the loading of LNG transport trailers also behaved in a good way. In 2019, 4,495 trucks of this type (86 per week) were provisioned in Mugardos, which represents an advance of 3 percentage points compared to 2018. All these good data were influenced by the process of energy transition leaded by the European Union, which is replacing fuels such as coal or fuel oil with LNG, more competitive and with less environmental impact; as well as the new Atlantic orientation of LNG traffic, with relevant actors in the United States and Russia.

In this case, the geographical location of the terminal placed in the port of Ferrol minimizes logistics costs. In qualitative terms, Reganosa is also strengthening its position in the small-scale services business, a segment with a great future.

Source: Reganosa

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