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LNG, the only sustainable alternative for maritime transport

LNG is currently the only real and sustainable alternative to advance the decarbonization of maritime transport, experts agreed at the conference "LNG Bunkering: decarbonization and maritime sustainability", of the 'CORE LNGas hive' project, which took place in the Port of Gijón. Authorities also highlighted the potential of this port in the development of sustainable maritime transport.

The 'LNGHIVE2' project, which is a continuation of the 'CORE LNGas hive', is led by Puertos del Estado and has 47 partners from Spain and Portugal. This initiative promotes the supply of LNG as fuel in the transport sector, especially in the maritime one, with more than 39 projects and with a total investment of 139 million euros and a European co-financing of 39 million euros.

This initiative has allowed adapting the Spanish regasification plants for the supply of LNG to ships, including the launch of bunker barges, tugs, cranes and electric generators powered by LNG, among other developments. As a result of this project, the volume of LNG bunkering in Spain during 2019 reached 68,500 m3.

"The commitment of the Spanish ports, as infrastructure managers, is to work to guarantee the bunkering of LNG efficiently and safely and to facilitate the development of the market over the next decade, and we will continue supporting projects that allow the bunkering of LNG at a competitive price that favors the achievement of stable supply agreements between marketers and shipping companies. We will continue working on the regulation of the service to provide an adequate framework for the development of the LNG supply activity in our ports," said the President of Ports of the State, Salvador de la Encina.

The president of the Port Authority of Gijón, Laureano Lourido, also commented: “We are going to play an important role in the development of sustainable maritime transport. We have been working for this for some time, we have adequate infrastructure, as well as the capacity and resources so that what is today a firm commitment becomes as soon as possible a reality."

Along these lines, the CEO of Enagás, Marcelino Oreja, added: "LNG is the only option available to decarbonize heavy transport, especially maritime transport, in order to meet the objectives of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and 2050. Our LNG plants are pioneers in bunkering and loading of ships."

Source: Ports of the State

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