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High-efficiency LNG bunkering carried out on ship transporting primary goods during Covid-19 crisis

Baleària performed a highly efficient natural gas supply in the port of Barcelona, ​​thanks to the Multi-Truck-to-Ship (MTTS) system, in which several tanker trucks operate simultaneously to supply fuel to the ship. The Abel Matutes ferry, which currently operates services with Palma to supply essential goods during the crisis caused by Covid-19, has already carried out two of these bunkerings (one of them with two tanker trucks and the other with three).

With this MTTS system, which Baleària has already tested in the ports of Huelva and Valencia, LNG can be supplied to the ship's tanks more quickly and efficiently. For this, the shipping company used a collector manufactured by CMC Cerezuela, which was already used in the Huelva test (another type of collector was used in Valencia), as well as tanker trucks from the logistics company ESK. The latter company coordinated the operation in the port of Barcelona.

In this type of bunkering performed on Abel Matutes, there were transfer speeds of between 100 and 120 m3/h. In the MTTS with two tanker trucks, a total of 88 cubic meters of LNG were refueled, while the MTTS with three units supplied 134 cubic meters. It should be remembered that this ship has two tanks of 178 cubic meters, allowing it a range of about 950 miles. Normally, the fuel supply is made with a single truck (Truck-To-Ship) and reaches a refueling rate of between 30 and 50 m3/h, that is to say half that of the MTTS system. In addition, it allows the cargo to be shipped at the same time and safely.

The 190-meter Abel Matutes ferry has been able to sail on natural gas since its re-motorization ended in July 2019. At present, and due to the health crisis caused by Covid-19, it is the ship in charge of transporting all supplies of basic necessities from Barcelona to Palma. Baleària is supplying this type of goods to the non-peninsular territories in which it operates.

Source: Baleària

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