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First LNG multi-truck-to-ship bunkering operation carried out in Spain

The shipping company Baleària, CMC Cerezuela and ESK carried out in the Port of Huelva an LNG bunkering at a speed six times higher than usual average, in the first LNG Multi Truck To Ship (MTTS) bunkering carried out in Spain. The operation, in which three tank trailers and CMC Cerezuela of the logistics company ESK operated simultaneously to supply LNG were supplied to the smart ship Marie Curie, which is now operating for Baleària and Fred.Olsen Express on the Huelva-Canary Islands route.

The MTTS supply method developed by the manufacturer of gas storage and transport systems CMC Cerezuela and carried out on the Baleària Marie Curie ferry incorporates innovations that prevent flow losses and allow a high supply speed. For this purpose, is used a manifold capable of connecting the three tanker vehicles CMC Cerezuela of the logistics company ESK, which at the same time incorporate a discharge system with cryogenic pump. The discharge speed reached was 2.800 l/min, but the objective, after this first test is to reach 3,000 l/min (180 m3/h).

The result would be then a supply to the ship six times faster than the usual method, known as Truck To Ship (TTS), which is supplied to the ship by a single tank trailer and uses to reach a discharge speed of about 30m3/h. It should be noted that in the case of TTS it is necessary to supply with multiple tank trailers to fully load the tanks of the ship, with bigger capacity, a logistical difficulty that adds to the limited mooring times in port of the ships and can be improved by the method MTTS.

The Marie Curie ferry, which is 186 meters long and can sail at 24 knots, has two LNG storage tanks with capacity for 300 m3 and autonomy for 963 miles. This is the newest vessel in Baleària's fleet (incorporated this July) and is the fourth in the company to be able to operate on gas, which will add another five vessels until 2021.

"As a pioneering shipping company in the use of LNG, for Baleària the strategic alliances with companies that innovate in this sector are very valuable, and that allow us to be more competitive at the same time that we improve in sustainability", points out Adolfo Utor, president of Baleària, who has also thanked the Port Authority and the Maritime Captaincy of Huelva for the predisposition to be able to carry out this innovative bunkering.

Sergio Cerezuela, General Manager of CMC Cerezuela, points out that "the speed of supply achieved, unprecedented worldwide, allows reducing discharge times and costs involved, as well as improving safety in discharges of liquefied natural gas”.

Francisco José Corell, CEO of ESK, shows his satisfaction “for the success of the operation both from a logistical and technical point of view, as well as from the coordination carried out with the other actors on that supply due to ESK's experience in the sector. ESK's commitment to high-performance pump tank trailers over the last few years has enabled it to face up to this type of supply with full guarantees”.

For its side, the president of the Port Authority of Huelva, Pilar Miranda, participated in the act of delivery of metopes on board the new ship and was present at the bunkering operation, which describes as "a new development in the Port of Huelva as a pioneering dock in LNG supply, completing the offer with first class services, which place the port at the forefront of the demands of the international market.

Source: Baleària

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