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Ferrosite will help Chiclana speed up use of biogas in municipal fleet

The mayor of Chiclana José María Román, the president of Ferrosite (company specialized in the conversion of vehicles to gas) Jesús Salmón, and the manager of Belizón y Rodríguez (public transport company) Nicolás Rodríguez visited the facilities that host the All-Gas project. During this visit, both the mayor and those responsible for the Aqualia project described their biomethane generation initiative, which already powers seven vehicles, and with which a profitable and much more sustainable transport fleet can be achieved.

“We care about the environment, we work in a pact against climate change, in favor of the circular economy and in the effort to reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. All-Gas must continue, for what it means in terms of circular economy and wastewater. It is a new model because it generates a biofuel that makes all types of engines move, in this case, public vehicles, which is our challenge. Therefore, I want to promote a plenary initiative so that the next purchases of municipal vehicles and actions that we can implement for the next contracts follow the biogas line, because it is the least polluting fuel, produces less emissions and is very efficient,” said the mayor.

“Now we also have the technology, which mechanically and comfortably makes the engines work with our gas. This is the framework of the visit, to know this project and thus, with a critical eye, see what is missing and what can be incorporated. The course will be marked by the plenary initiative, so we will pass from gasoline and diesel to biogas, as a less polluting formula and with a lot of future in terms of climate,” Román added.

Moreover, Salmón commented: “Chiclana has a star and innovative product that is biogas, with all that this implies at the environmental level. Achieving this circular economy and improving emissions in Chiclana, among others, needs help to get the project started. Both the gasoline and the diesel engines can be adapted to use biogas, it is a procedure that can be afforded. Therefore, we will work with the city to achieve this.”

“What we are trying to do is take a step forward in having the entire Chiclana public service fleet equipped with a fuel that reduces emissions to the atmosphere. We will sign an agreement with Ferrosite to adapt our vehicles -and the new ones that we will add- to the dual fuel system. It is a profitable and acceptable formula, so we will take the appropriate steps so that we have a fleet of public vehicles in the city with this system. Belizón and Rodríguez will have a specific natural gas station to serve all those who need it, both in Chiclana and in the Bay, since there is nothing similar in the area,” Rodríguez added.

Source: Chiclana City Council

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