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Asturias-based supermarket chain bets on LNG-powered logistics

Hijos de Luis Rodríguez (Supermercados Masymas) recently added a total of five Scania trucks powered by LNG to its fleet. These delivery vehicles have a 340 HP engine, a 550 L tank (with a capacity for 200 kg of LNG), range of between 600 and 800 km and belong to the P series, low cabins with access stairs allowing easy access, ideally designed for transport with many stops. In addition, the trucks feature an isothermal box, a cold equipment and a lift door.

The demand for natural gas vehicles is consolidating itself as the economic and environmentally-friendly option for the professional transport of goods and passengers. Factors such as the reduction of up to 15% of CO2 emissions, which can reach 90% in the case of biomethane, the price of fuel, the range of vehicles and refueling times, similar to those powered by conventional fuels, are key factors to drive the growth of the fleet of this type of vehicles.

Hijos de Luis Rodríguez is committed to sustainable mobility and the reduction of the carbon footprint. “All the LNG vehicles we have are Scania. Sustainability and commitment to the environment is one of the strategic axes of the company,” said Rubén Montes, Director of Logistics at Hijos de Luis Rodríguez.

With the incorporation of these five Scania trucks, Hijos de Luis Rodríguez has a third of its fleet consisting of LNG-powered vehicles that provide distribution services to more than 100 facilities spread across different provinces of the peninsula. The delivery of the new trucks has been carried out in two phases in the first months of 2020 by Scania Hispania’s dealer in Asturias.

Source: Scania

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