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A hydrogen-powered bus refuels for the first time in Spain

There are currently three hydrogen fueling stations in operation in Spain. One of them, Don Quixote H2 Station, is located at the Ajusa business park in Albacete and was the first Spanish station to supply a hydrogen fuel cell bus. Ajusa Tecnologías del Hidrógeno is one of the pioneer companies in Spain in hydrogen research.

This is a project supported by the Portuguese company Caetano Bus, which has refueled one of its hydrogen buses in Albacete with the intention of driving to the Technological Center of Tarragona to homologate the vehicle. The ultimate goal is to sell these buses in the United Kingdom.

It is a step towards the decarbonization of the automotive sector. This progress in favor of clean and renewable energies that do not generate polluting emissions has the commitment of the European Union that expects to reach this goal by 2050. The network of hydrogen fueling stations in Europe already exceeds the 140 facilities.

The director of Ajusa José Manuel Gregorio reiterated the need to “decarbonize the transport sector and bet on sustainable mobility.” Hydrogen has many advantages to achieve it. "Fuel cell vehicles generate water as their only waste, the refueling time is low and they have a wide range of autonomy," he said during the refueling of the Caetano bus at the Ajusa facility.

Source: Ajusa

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